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Patient Reviews

Thanks for saving me $1800 on lab test fees, and your efficient and professional service. I gave your card to my acupuncturist at Good Medicine in Portland-hopefully they can get you more business!

Kindness, Caring and Understanding

No bruising. Yay!

The best experience I have ever had while having my blood taken!!!!!!

Congratulations on "hanging your own Shingle" Crystal!
Lemons to Lemonade!

Great service!

Great service...attentive. Took me right in and for the second time, drew blood painlessly

got my blood drawn no problem. I didn't even feel the needle and I didn't have to leave my home

Very easy going and will help you relax. Especially if your a hard draw.

Customer service, environment, quality, wait time

Great Service, attentive. Took me right in and for a second time, drew blood painlessly.

I really like your phlebotomist! She is very skilled and i hardly ever felt the needle. She also taught me to hold he bandage over the puncture so the vein as well as the skin heals and I don't bruise. I've got "good" veins, but have never had the process go so well as it did today. Thanks!

Crystal is the most skillful phlebotomist I've met. I felt no pain, and appreciated her kindness, friendliness, and great skill.

Thank you so much for all your wonderful help over the last many months! You are hands down the BEST phlebotomist ever that I've been to. I never feel a thing! It's amazing!

Crystal always does an amazing job! She's very talented, and my blood draws go very smoothly every time. She also is very punctual and always has a smile on her face--you can tell she loves to help make everybody's blood draws a positive experience. Thanks, Crystal!

Fantastic service! Thank you so much!

The gentlest blood draw ever!

Super calming and kindness that was way above and beyond! Can't say thanks enough!!!!!

Excellent! I am generally a "hard stick." She found the vein so quick and with one stick (that I did not even feel!) she had it and was able to collect all the blood needed (also rare!). Thank you!!!

10/10 would recommend! I have been told by others that I am a hard vein to draw. Not only does Lacasse Phlebotomy get it on the first try every time, but she even knows i need a "newborn" butterfly needle. I feel completely calm and at peace. Love it!

This is the best service I could imagine! Prompt and caring service and always finding us the best options for processing the blood work! Thank you, Crystal.

You are the best!

I am so impressed with Lacasse Phlebotomy. My doctor recommended Crystal to me when I expressed concern about having blood drawn in a high-traffic location. I was able to meet Crystal one-on-one in my doctor's office, and she was fantastic. She is incredibly skillful - I barely felt the needle. She helped put me at ease and showed real empathy for my anxiety. I am thrilled with this experience and will schedule with her again for future needs. I highly recommend.

Thank you Crystal and Sherri for the compassion you demonstrated during my appointment this morning. Crystal you are gentle and put me at ease!

I was recommended to Crystal's services as I have great fear of needles. She came right to my place of work and was amazing! I hardly felt anything and she was so caring and patient. She refused to leave me until my anxiety left and I new I was okay! I did not even bruise from the needle thanks to her extra care. I highly recommend her! She is truly wonderful, caring, gentle, and excellent at her job!

Thank you, very professional and friendly, mom was very comfortable and relaxed! Will definitely recommend to others!

Superior expertise. Fast, friendly. Seamless experience


hardly felt a thing!!!

Crystal is great, I used her services last year in November and I was shocked how proficient, prepared and friendly she was. In no more then 15 mins she wrap everything up and wish me a wonderful day. Unbelievable service. I will definitely use Crystal again in near future for sure.

Couldn't have been more cordial, efficient, and professional.

Kimberly was personable, efficient and she's great at what she does! Great experience and I'm recommending Lacasse Phlebotomy to family, friends and coworkers! :)

Invaluable service, efficient and professional...nice people, too.

Super friendly. Appreciated how Crystal distracted me with chatting

Crystal is great! And the service offered is a time saver!

YOU GO GIRL !!!.....
TKS for ALL your "arranging " help AND flexibility!


Professional and friendly. Very convenient service for people who work or have limited access to transportation.


Very professional, timely, informative, thorough, kind, reassuring individuals

Thank you, Sherry & Crystal!

Always love when I learn something! Thanks so much!

Talent in finding the vein and making it painless.

Sherri and Crystal are great!

great job no pain to speak of and such a friendly person. thanks :)

Extremely friendly staff!

Total experience was very pleasant and painless. Did not even feel the needle going in. :)

Crystal is very personable, you can tell she is genuine and smiling under her mask and would definitely recommend her services for all ages.

Thank you Crystal and Sherri ~ your awesome!

Crystal from Lacasse is fantastic! Overjoyed with her skills. I'm a very difficult stick and she came in like Wonder woman and showed up every phlebotomist I've ever had. Not a pinch of pain and red gold on the first try. Thanks again!

Crystal is amazing. She is one of a rare kind of human who leaves you better than she found you. I always enjoy seeing her :)

Crystal, you and Rhonda are great. I would gladly recommend you to anyone!

You were excellent! No wait time! Great location! LOL!

Crystal is ahhhhhhmazing !!!!! So good at her job and always on time. So friendly and kind.....even though i only see her once a year !! LOL.

Absolutely hands down the best experience ever between the two of you! Thank you for being SUCH an amazing asset to the community! Praying blessings over the business and each of you??

Lacasse Phlebotomy Services provided me with an exceptional experience. Their facilities were professional, hygienic, and comforting. Crystal, the service provider, went above and beyond to make me feel at ease during a normally stressful procedure. Her kindness and warmth transformed my experience into a comfortable and pleasant one. Thank you Crystal!