Augusta, Maine
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Crystal Lacasse
Owner / Head Phlebotomist

My name is Crystal Lacasse, the owner and a licensed phlebotomist. I was born in Portland, Maine and graduated high school in 2004 from the Fryeburg Academy in Fryeburg, Maine. I met my husband in 2005, we got married in 2009 and now we have two wonderful children. Growing up I wanted to own my own childcare business. I started college in 2008 at the University of Maine in Augusta for a degree in business. After some time off, I switched gears a little and completed a degree in phlebotomy in 2015. After that I completed a degree in business management from Kaplan University in 2016. I passed the national exam Phlebotomy by ASCP in 2015.

Central Maine Medical Center gave me my first job in the field. I started with out-patient and quickly moved to in-patient services. I worked all the shifts wherever coverage was needed. I covered mostly the ICU and ER trauma calls as well as the cardiac, maternity, day surgery and oncology floors. I quicky became the go-to person for patients with difficult veins, children, and patients with anxiety to draw their blood. I left CMMC for Mercy Diagnostics in January 2017. My position at Mercy was the northern Maine float covering call outs, requests off and on-site for special cases. I covered up to eight sites in Maine at doctors’ offices. During the two years at Mercy Diagnostics, I also trained the new phlebotomists at doctor’s offices that were contracted with Mercy. At the sites we would draw patients’ blood, process and ship the specimens through FedEx, UPS and Mercy’s courier.

In February of 2019, I started to investigate my own independent business in phlebotomy. Obtained insurance to do in-home blood drawing as well as putting together a business plan. After Mercy Diagnostics went out of business in early April of 2019, I decided to pursue my business fully. I have become well known by the doctors I have served, as well as patients, as being very caring and compassionate with my patients. I pride myself in my knowledge of lab tests, organization and ability to draw blood for pediatric/geriatric/disabled patients with minimal pain or bruising to the patients, as well as providing professional care.

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