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Maine Mobile Phlebotomy Services

Serving Maine & Border Communities of New Hampshire

Experience the future of phlebotomy with Lacasse Phlebotomy Services, where we bring the medical laboratory to your doorstep with our mobile phlebotomy service. We offer a solution by providing expert blood draws for both in-home and in-office clinics by a licensed phlebotomist. Specially trained to ensure a relaxed experience, our certified phlebotomists go the extra mile, particularly for our younger clients who might feel uneasy about blood draws. With a knack for alleviating anxieties, we establish a reassuring environment that guarantees a seamless blood collection process on every occasion.

Our traveling phlebotomists arrive fully equipped, proficiently collect samples, and prepare the testing process with utmost reliability. Many providers use specific testing kits that are required your blood to be drawn and shipped. Different laboratories often use different kits for a variety of reasons, including Vibrant America, Bost Heart, USBioTek, MDL, Alletess, Spectra Cell, and Genova to name a few. The company chosen between the provide and patient, will be processing to the billing payment based on the specific companies’ requirements. We accept cash, check, credit/debit cards and HSA cards.

  • Children
  • Adults
  • Trypanophobia Individuals
  • High Anxiety Individuals
  • Immobile Individuals
  • In-Home Blood Draws
  • In-Office Blood Draws

Complete Phlebotomy Services

Trust us to deliver top-notch adult and pediatric phlebotomy services right to your doorstep. Our offerings mirror those of in-office phlebotomy professionals and technicians, all within the comfort and convenience of your chosen location.

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