Augusta, Maine
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Lacasse Phlebotomy Services draws and ships to any laboratory for processing if shipping is prepaid or billable stamps are on the packages. All labs require a signed requisition from their provider before we can perform a blood draw a patient.

Maine Local Laboratories

We carry supplies and drop samples off for processing.

  • Quest Diagnostics / New Century Labs (Cash based only)
  • NorDx Laboratories
  • LabCorp
  • Any local hospital in the state of Maine. (Usually for Medicare/Medicaid Patients)

Requires FedEx or UPS Shipping

We are contracted with some laboratories and carry their supplies on hand.

  • Boston Heart Diagnostics (Have all blood and COVID nasal supplies)
  • Vibrant America (Have all blood supplies)
  • Medical Diagnostics Lab (MDL) (Have all blood supplies)
  • IGeneX (Have all blood supplies)
  • Genova (Do not carry supplies due to urine samples)

We will ship to any company not listed above; however, kits need to be provided to either LPS or the patient to be drawn. We also welcome any providers to drop-ship kits to us as we will have it on hand for their patients.