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In-Home Blood Drawing Services

Enjoy a new level of convenience with Lacasse Phlebotomy Services' premier in-home phlebotomy services. Our licensed phlebotomist brings the expertise of the clinic to the comfort of your own home for both children and adults. Whether you face mobility challenges, prefer a familiar environment, or simply seek a more personalized experience, we are here to serve you. With a commitment to precision, comfort, and patient care, we ensure that your blood draw experience is seamless and stress-free. Experience healthcare on your terms with Lacasse Phlebotomy Services.

Stress Free Blood Draws

At Lacasse Phlebotomy Services pediatric phlebotomy is one of our specialties. We work compassionately and carefully with every child, drawing upon our years of experience. Being in their own home is helpful for children who are fearful or apprehensive in providers offices or laboratories. Adults dealing with anxiety, agoraphobia, mobility issues or high levels of stress will benefit from our in-home phlebotomy services as well.

Appointment Set-Up

Call or email us to set up an appointment convenient for you. Monday thru Fridays available.

We Come to You

We arrive with equipment/supplies and collect blood samples from patient.

Blood Work Testing

We will transport your blood samples to a hospital or laboratory.